" Home Boarding Dogs"

Things you need to bring

Enough food for the stay plus a day, in a ziploc bag or plastic container
Your pet ( of course! )
Collar with name tag.
Washable crate sized bedding.
ALL medication and instructions.

Please put your dogs name on all belongings.

Things you might like to bring, but we can supply !

food dish - NOT ceramic !!
A kong or a few chews, bones.
treats your dogs is used to
Your dogs own crate

We will gladly cater for raw diet followers.

Things you might like to know

Your dog may have supervised playtime with other boarders with both your permission and at our
discretion. We expect owners to be 100% honest about their dogs temperament, and believe there are no
*bad dogs* but still, we carefully choose potential play pals from dogs of similar  temperament, size and
personality type and the default is to keep your dogs separate from other dogs until we know them a little

Safety is #1 concern and we will be 100% honest with you about your dogs behaviour while here :-)

We do accept intact males and females. No females in heat please. Obviously we take the proper
precautions at play time !

We accept trial overnight or weekend stays in preparation for longer stays - useful for dogs not used to
being away from home.

During your dogs stay they are expected to be able to rest and sleep peacefully in their crate / kennel in the
house. Dogs are also fed in their kennel.  

For this reason,
all visitors should have some current daily experience of crates.

Pills, basic meds administered ( sorry, no needles )

We cater for elderly, blind, sensitive as well as
All animals should have their age appropriate vaccinations.

Prices are as follows:

one dog
: $20
each additional dog from same family: $10
just add 5% gst

There are no extra charges for "playtime"...... as much exercise as they need / want included in the price
Older dogs like to wander about, taking in the smells and sights, thats ok.
Younger crazy dogs like to play together for hours, thats ok too.

We have five separate HUGE play areas, so plenty of room for everyone to have their own space.

All dog exercise areas are grass / sand footing, with 6 foot fences and the entire property is surrounded by
another 4 or 5 foot fence. All access gates are secured by locks.

Please ensure your dog is kept on leash until they are within the inner 6ft fenced areas!!

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