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We are members of the ACPSN
(So we love animals & take good care of them!! )
The Poop Guys

Invite your Dogs & Cats to vacation with us at our Acreage in Borden, SK.

Cats stay in our unique Cattery, (scroll down the page)
for more info on CATS click here

Dogs stay in our home
for more info on DOGS click here

We do not discriminate on the basis of your dogs breed, but we like to know them a little before they come
to stay in our home. Please ask to come to visit with your dog if you have never been before!

We happily accept dogs who have not been away from home before and will crate train those that have
never been in a crate.

Dogs are exercised in one of the 5 HUGE fenced areas & have plenty of smells, sights, sounds & gopher
holes to investigate. In summer there are paddling pools, toys, shaded treed areas, and two decks so
your dog can play & have fun then rest to their hearts content!

Not every dog is dog friendly, thats ok, they can still come here. They get lots of play time too, just on their
own or with us playing frisbee, ball etc.

In winter we carve out trails for the dogs to investigate and encourage them to play ball, dig in the snow,
prune the trees for us (!) but they are also free to hang out inside if they don't like the cold.

We cater for all sizes and ages, Puppies and Seniors welcome. Our exercise areas are Chihuahua and
Great Dane approved !

All dogs sleep in their comfy crate indoors at night in our home which is smoke free and air conditioned

One dog: $20 ( each additional dog $10)
so....two dogs from same home: $30
and....three dogs from same home: $40

Please email thepoopguys@gmail.com with enquiries


Cats are far superior to dogs (ask any dog ) so they demanded their own House and we obeyed !

The Kitty Condos
were purpose built  for the cats. They enjoy their OWN 6x4 indoor air conditioned /
heated cat room & their
OWN 5 x 10 outside "Catio" a patio for Cats!!

We are proud to say these are the BIGGEST indoor individual cat rooms in
Saskatchewan and the ONLY with adjoining individual outside cat runs!!

They are not metal vet cages stacked two or three high, they are proper rooms, with actual doors, just what
your cat is used to !!! Just provide your cats food and a bed, we supply the rest!

Each indoor rooms come complete with cat tree, scratch posts, cat door to outside, litter box, carpet in
winter, cool flooring in summer, lots of toys. You are very welcome to provide your own things too.

Outside they are safe & enclosed but can still watch the birds, squirrels & chase leaves. We have about 4
squirrels which we feed and they delight in taunting the cats !

Updated 2015 Prices per room:
One cat: $15
two cats $20
three cats $25
( cats must be from same family to share )

We only have 4 rooms and they book up FAST and well in advance as we have many repeat clients.

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The Poop Guys
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